Posted: May 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

Dear reader….I have a secret!
A secret that dare not speak it’s name; people will hide there faces in shame and disgust!
I have carried this secret; the burden of which has become to great for one mere mortal to shoulder. The secret once whispered in the shadows amongst likeminded people is now being shouted out in the broad daylight among the rooftops of Blogdom…. “I Like Worms!”.
I feel better already.
When I was studying Biology the majority of my final year plus my Honours project was concentrating on Parasitology specifically the Tape worm Hymenolepis.Microstoma . This tapeworm has several hosts it quite likes a beetle host and then hopes that the beetle gets eaten by a mouse where it grows to maturity.
In my project I looked at the effect of varying different environmental conditions on the rate at which the worm eggs would ‘hatch’ out.
Here is a photo I took of the unhatched eggs with its row of hooks -used to attach to the stomach wall of its host:



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