We blew the roof off!

Posted: May 19, 2006 in Uncategorized


Here is a picture of my favourite building located in Pompey.
Its called the Garrison church -apart from how great it looks, the eagle eyed might notice theres no roof! Apparently the Nazis thought that the presence of a roof might pose a threat to there camapign for European domination,so they removed it one night.
The garrison church is quite new being built in 1214 and probably is one of the first hospitals anywhere-then known as The Domus Dei (Gods house).Nothing to do with the da vinci code -Except if you look at it sideways and squint there appears for a fleeting moment the image of a blurry church with no roof-could be a message ?

  1. Cash says:


    nice blog.. i ll come back again :] greets

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