They wouldn’t belive us!

Posted: May 25, 2006 in Theo/Philo


Just imagine that these events were to become known to the enemy!

And were being exploited by them! In all probability,such propaganda would be ineffective simply because those hearing and reading it would not be prepared to belive it. '

(The reichskommisar for the Ostland to the Reichminister for occupied Eastern territories-18th June,1943.)

Schaeffer in his book 'What ever happened to the Human race ?' says Cultures can be judged in many ways,but eventually every nation in every age must be judged by this test:How did it treat People ?

The dominant worldview of the west does not acknowledge any judgement of its culture,except the fleeting judgement of the moment,morals are relative and personal.Where has the judge gone?

What basis for human dignity and worth do we have,when our culture is increasingly based on Humanist principles?

These principles are defined as : 'Humanism is a broad category of active ethical philosophies that affirm the dignity and worth of all people, based on the ability to determine right and wrong by appeal to universal human qualities— particularly rationality, common history, experience, and belief.'(definition from Wikipedia)

This sounds great,our culture' defines what is right and wrong by appeal to universal human qualities',but if morality is no longer absolute it must be personal, then who decides what those human qualities are?Is it the 51% vote,with an increasing vulnerability to utilitarianism and manipulation that decides or an authoritarian elite?

Humanism, both religious and secular has no adequate ground for morality or judging.

Bruce Cockburn rightly sings 'The trouble with normal is it always gets worse'What is deemed 'bad' today becomes tomorrows new 'good'.The heart of Humanism is described by H.J.Blackham:

On Humanist assumptions,life leads to nothing,and every pretence that it does not is a deceit.If there is a bridge over a gorge which spans only half the distance and ends in mid-air,and if the bridge is crowded with human beings pressing on,one after the other they fall into the abyss.The bridge leads nowhere,and those who are pressing forward to cross it are going nowhere….It does not matter where they think they are going,what preparations for the journey they have made,how much they may be enjoying it all.The objection merely points out objectivity that such a situation is a model of futility.'

From a Christian view point Human Life is precious -If we don't stand for this -what will we stand for ?


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