Coming off of standby

Posted: June 9, 2006 in Family Stuff, Uncategorized


At the end of the week and after a slow hot day at work, I reluctantly took my number two son Liam to his Fencing club last night. That has nothing to do with cordoning off your land and the feudal system but everything to do with phenomenal speed, rapid attack, feints, aggression, intimidation, lunge, parry and repost.The club was moved to a small carpeted side room rather than the expansive cool shiny sports hall we are used to. All I wanted to do was put the system on standby, the heat; absence of any air conditioning didn’t help.Liam errs towards being a quiet, sensitive son, very creative and thoughtful, not particularly noted for fast indecisive intuitive action.Something unexpected happens to Liam, which began  after joining the Fencing club, when a foil is placed in his gloved hand  a dormant switch is flicked inside his head and he morphs, David Banner style(green skin is optional) into this controlled ‘no ones gonna intimidate me’ ball of energy. It wasn’t only Liam who was infected with this subconscious meme, other kids began to trace graceful arc’s with the end of there foils into their opponents jackets.The smallest cutesy little kid turns into a blur of movement, twisting, bending and relentless in pursuit of a way in, in through the armour of their opponents defence.It’s funny how power can inspire… or corrupt.

Last night Liam (aged 12) had a match against one of his mentors, a big six footer, with a supernatural speed and a stinging attack.Number 2 son wasn’t intimidated (so I admit it …I’m a proud father), he launched into an attack; being the best form of defence (thanks Napoleon) he did a great dummy lunge which scored against his opponent.Sitting watching these two fencing I realised how ferocious and yet graceful this can look, the bend of the foil, the body posture one moment protecting the next moving forward. Odd really when a duel used to represent a fight possibly to the death. The other thing I noticed was I didn’t feel tired any more; it was still the small stuffy hot room.Competition energizes people, but there is more to it  than that, there is also what I can only coyly describe as a beauty of movement, a gracefulness .Hopefully in this world cup we will see the beauty of one or more of Beckham’s corner kicks, which curve in the wind, a surface to air missile locked on target.Image source

  1. Samuel Jones says:

    I think your very true about liam when we used to play stick fight’s (now it’s ruler fight’s) he always used to have me beat (and still does) so i just hope he can use his great naturall talent and skill to great use and go far in the art of fencing.

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