Y ?

Posted: July 3, 2006 in Theo/Philo



Purpose is defined as an intentional goal directed striving after.

What purpose can there be from a goalless, random, blind origin?

How can purpose have validity, how can it evolve from a purposeless beginning?

Why perpetuate your DNA?

Isn’t it an illusion ?

  1. Hi, Purposes have to stop somewhere. I’m not a God-botherer
    but my recollection is that when God created the world
    he saw that it was good – there was no other purpose mentioned.
    If it works for God, then it could work for me. Why perpetuate my DNA?
    Because it is good. Life is good, my daughter is good, and it doesn’t need another purpose from me or from God. What is an illusion is that there can be an endless heirarchy of higher purposes which would make bad into good and give reason to the unreasonable. If I didn’t think life was good, I wouldn’t have children as fodder for some strange purpose of God’s – it wouldn’t seem right to treat a person as a means to a purpose of any kind, although that is a live question in bio-ethics which I am fortunate not to have to face personally. Perhaps my view would change if a well chosen second child could save a first.

  2. Mike Godfrey says:

    Hi Bob,
    thanks for posting.
    The questions I posted in ‘Y’ are the ones that demand an answer if we belive that
    our existence is due to accident and blind chance plus nothing else.Purpose
    cannot come from nonpurpose-can it ?
    If you include God in the mix then there is Purpose -which is in accordance
    with the way we all live life currently.No one lives life as if every action and
    thought has no meaning behind it.

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