Its Broken

Posted: July 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

I guess I should of known that when the time at the bottom right hand corner of the screen was telling me it was midday when actually I had just seen the International Space station fly over head (Magnitude -1.7) courtesy of Heavens above, that something was afoot.

I have a dual boot system,with 2 hard drives;Linux Fedora core 4 on one hard drive and Windows XP on the other.When I boot up the pc I use a software called grub to decide which operating system to go to.On Thursday ‘Grub’ decided not to work and defaulted me to fedora core 4 -I can’t get onto Windows right now and need to get the pc fixed as I have discovered that it has a CMOS battery Failure.

So my appologies but for few days I will have to get this poorly box of switches fixed.

Catch yer very soon!


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