Taking out the garbage!

Posted: August 7, 2006 in Theo/Philo



I want to explore a new facet of blogging, that of its cathartic possibilities.

I want to, (as I so quaintly put it in my teens) spill my guts! Yes that’s metaphorically speaking dear reader. Theres a burning urge to unburden my soul. For this desire I have the timely example of Spain to thank.

Recently this country decided to consider according equal rights to Apes,rights equal to you and me.Spanish Apes will have the same rights as Humans!

Well this news took me back to the scene of my guilt, the centrifuge room at university, in that place I would routinely spin down several thousand nematodes, c.elegans, that most elegant of nematodes. If I recall correctly the Gravitational force that was visited upon the hapless worms was about 300 times what we experience currently. After this I would add (without any remorse) Sodium Hydroxide at a high concentration to the test tube containing the dizzy worms, this would rip the nematodes hydrostatic bodies apart -the goal of this was to produce single cells harvested from a multicellular organism.

I want to say sorry to these individual nematodes…..Sorry.

I want to draw a new line in the sand, why on earth shouldn’t I? Yes equal rights to Apes but what about rights to all Eucaryotes? They deserve it, they have suffered long enough.

licentia ut eucaryotes!!

Here’s an interesting post over at Right reason regarding the Rights for Apes.

Phew I’m unburdened …



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