Posted: November 27, 2006 in Theo/Philo



Because there is no meaning or purpose to be found within Atheistic/Naturalistic worldviews, that does not mean Atheists/Naturalists cannot lead meaningful and purposeful lives, does it?

They are allowed to be inconsistent aren’t they? Or is it that there is the temptation to consider the particulars and avoid the implications?

 The great thing about reductionism for example is its disdain for the bigger picture, and its disdain perhaps for any implications?

“As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency.”  Said composer John Cage, who can blame him, when the implications of a worldview lead to loss.

Specifically the loss of the personal, of form and function and most importantly the loss of intent.

Francis Schaeffer in his book ‘The Church at he end of the 20th Century’, has this quote which follows on from the previous post:

John Cage and hissing oneself:

‘The Irony of such a situation is played up by an event that happened to John Cage, the modern composer who writes music from a theory of chance, random selection. Leonard Bernstein once offered him the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. After Cage directed some of his own chance music, he started to take his bows and he thought he heard steam escaping from the steam pipes. Then he realised that the musicians were hissing. As John Cage explains it, it must have been a traumatic experience. But I have often thought about what I would like to have said to the musicians there that night. I am sure that if one had had an hour with those musicians, one would have found that most of them really believed philosophically exactly what John Cage believes-that the universe begins with the impersonal plus time plus chance. Why were they hissing, then? They were hissing because they did not like the results of their own position when they heard it in the medium to which they were sensitive. They were hissing themselves.’


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