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This sceptred Isle (old blighty) has, as far as I’m aware, suffered under one mad ruler during its history, that of King George III.This monarch spent some time tied to a chair in a straightjacket during extreme outbursts.
After discovering a lock of his highnesses hair a few years ago, it was found that the cause of the Kings malaise was a condition known as Porphyria.
The lock of hair was found to contain 300 times the toxic level of arsenic, which was the initial cause of the Kings attacks.

Unlike King George it seems other leaders cannot excuse madness via physical causes, although it can’t be ruled out. Consider the recent and rather Pythonesque idea of having a conference to whip up denial of the Holocaust.The New York Times has an article regarding the Iranian conference, as evidence that the holocaust never ocurred they reported on  photographs as exhibit ‘A’  which showed:’Signs pointed to smiling prisoners freed at the end of the war with the label “truth.”’If I’d been in a concentration camp and survived to be freed I’d sure smile.

What a great idea –why on earth hasn’t it been thought of before, or has it?

If your government or the ruling elite does not like an idea, here’s how to fix it, just set-up a conference, get some heads together (not academics thanks) for instance, members of the KKK amoungst them, and hey presto! It never happened!
History by government edict. How’s that for brain washing?

Ahmadinejad has traded the truth for a lie in broad day light, I am prepared to buy him a ticket to Auschwitz, there s something there he needs to see.
This would be side splittingly hilarious except for the brute fact that the Holocaust happened, Zyklon B happened, ghettos happened, Swiss banks with Jewish money happened, 6 million people just disappeared, that happened….


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