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The message incessantly being beamed out from the worldview satellite is, that we are nothing but material.

Whatever is distinctive about someone is not to be celebrated, as that distinction is an accident,there are no intents just accidents-so much for a meritocracy.

We occupy a space on a sliding scale of complexity which makes us no different in essence from animals,witness the crumbling of that old Berlin wall the Judeo Christian consensus, that marked ‘Man’ out as distinctive from the beasts.

The vacuum that this consensus left, has been filled with,amongst other things, a materialistic closed universe ,that sees no reason for ‘man’ to be distinguished -and so ‘man’ must saunter back from his position of spoilt nobility to get back in line with the apes,elephants and the rest.

Exhibit one,Spain’s recent decision to grant Apes equal rights with Man,this reminds me of that TV program Planet of the Apes.

The Archbishop of Pamplona and Tudela, Fernando Sebastian, has said :

“We don’t give rights to some people – such as unborn children, human embryos, and we are going to give them to apes,”

Man is material -what do we do with material ?We manipulate it .We dominate it ,we eliminate it ,we reproduce it,we improve upon it.

All of this shifting of opinion regarding the value of ‘Man’ is due to a turning away from an external reference point,the reference point that brought freedom and stability to those countries that adopted it.

The reference point of the Judeo Christian worldview. Has been ditched,this has lead to a dilemma, as expounded by among others Francis Schaeffer:

‘There are, as we have seen, two problems concerning man and his dilemma. The first of them is the fact that man is personal, different from non man, and yet finite. Because he is finite, he has no sufficient integration point in himself. Again, as Jean-Paul Sartre put it, if a finite point does not have an infinite reference point, it is meaningless and absurd….The second point concerning man and the dilemma of man is what I call the nobility of man ..the wonder of man and yet also with his horrible cruelty that runs through the warp and woof of man history.’

Imagine using a ruler to measure the length of something,the ruler is the reference point by which we know the length of anything. Remove the ruler and we are free to make up our own lengths for things -of course we are freer but also now we are unable to tell whether our guestimates about length are right or wrong and so as scripture says :’everyone does what is right in there own eyes’.

This materialistic view point leads to many inconsistencies -which exist because the materialistic worldview does not fit with day to day experience.

For instance from Nancy Pearcey’s book ‘Total truth’:

‘..Steven Pinker of MIT, a leader in the field of cognitive science, and his best selling book How the Mind Works. The message of science,Pinker writes, is that the human mind is nothing more than a data-processing machine, a complex computational device. At the same time, he goes on to say, the very possibility of morality depends on the idea that we more than machines-that we are capable of making free, uncoerced, undetermined choices. Here s how he states the dilemma: “Ethical theory requires idealizations like free, sentient, rational, equivalent agents whose behaviour is uncaused,” and yet “the world as seen by science, does not really have uncaused events.”’

C.S.Lewis says in the way only he can :

‘If the solar system was brought about by an accidental collision, then the appearance of organic life on this planet was also an accident, and the whole evolution of Man was an accident too. If so, then all our present thoughts are mere accidents – the accidental by-product of the movement of atoms. And this holds for the thoughts of the materialists and astronomers as well as for anyone else’s. But if their thoughts – i.e., Materialism and Astronomy – are merely accidental by-products, why should we believe them to be true? I see no reason for believing that one accident should be able to give me a correct account of all the other accidents. It’s like expecting that the accidental shape taken by the splash when you upset a milk-jug should give you a correct account of how the jug was made and why it was upset.’

Materialism as expressed through Science cannot explain the moral aspect of ‘man’s’ character,it would rather we were complex machines,genes are our past,present and future and so your honour I did it because my genes made me.

  1. Exhibit one, Spain’s recent decision to grant Apes equal rights with Man, this reminds me of that TV program Planet of the Apes.

    The Archbishop of Pamplona and Tudela, Fernando Sebastian, has said :

    “We don’t give rights to some people – such as unborn children, human embryos, and we are going to give them to apes,”

    Mike, I had not heard of this. Do you have a reference for it?

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