Posted: March 23, 2007 in Theo/Philo


Inge Aicher-Scholl (sister of Sophie & Hans Scholl) wrote: “Perhaps genuine heroism lies in deciding to stubbornly defend the everyday things, the mundane and the immediate.

If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed.”–Benjamin Franklin 

Totalitarian Ideals come in two flavors as far as I can see, the kind that allows for other views to exist and the kind that does not. I’m using the term totalitarian in the absolutist sense rather than in regard to a state sponsored ideology.

The modern ideal of Political correctness, a totalitarian notion, rests upon the idea of tolerance and equal opportunities for all; it seeks to be inclusive and to offend no one. This sounds nice and friendly doesn’t it?The assumption of this attitude is that old structures of thought and language were instruments of oppression and exclusivity and so must be removed.

The modern day irony is that this attitude itself has become an instrument of oppression and control and as such is both totalitarian and in as much as government edicts follow this formula, and also a type of neo-fascism.

The freedoms which are currently enjoyed in the west are as a product of the Judeo Christian worldview as was held by the west up until the turn of the century (more or less).
These freedoms are associated with being made in the image of God, that ‘Man’ is Individual, moral, free and responsible. The loss of the Judeo Christian worldview means that these freedoms have an ever crumbling basis upon which to rest, Francis Schaeffer has postulated that currently only the memory of the Judeo-Christian worldview keeps these freedoms in place.

Recently in Germany the state decided that 5 children should be removed from there families and placed in state custody.

The crime that precipitated this response was judged by a court in Saxony, to be, that  these five children were being home schooled, and hold attitudes similar to there parents, who are Christians.
From a report found here, the international Human rights group president Joel Thornton said:

“Apparently, Germany has decided that it can determine when and where the children go to school; and where they live while doing so….The youth welfare, supported by the police force, can take the children out of the home at any time with or without notice.”

This state action certainly has strong echoes of a previous time in German history where freedoms were removed bit by bit. Now parents in  Germany no longer it seems have a right to any say in how there children are educated.It is the freedom to think differently from that of the ruling ideology , that led to Sophie, Hans, Alexander,Christoph, Willi and Kurt ,collectively known as the  White Rose  to make a stand against Nazi Germany , which cost them there lives.

It seems that this freedom to think differently is once again under attack in


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