Shrinkwrapped trackback

Posted: April 11, 2007 in Uncategorized


Check out this blog ‘shrinkwrapped’, they have a excellent post ‘The value and danger of Anxiety’ regarding using ‘green’ politics as a means to control and as an avenue to power, consider Al Gore as a primary example.
Here in the UK our government is hell bent on introducing more and more restrictions in order to reduce C02 emissions, this sounds like something we would expect a good government to do -given the assumption,and that assumption is not universally accepted, that we are the reason for the rise in co2 -but this could be an opportunity for a ‘Creeping Climate and Life style fascism is already underway’.
If nothing else this post at ‘Shrinkwrapped’ is provocative.Everyone should read this! Woops blogofascim!

The post is here


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