Dorothy Sayers on Symbols

Posted: April 17, 2007 in Theo/Philo


Dorothy Sayers:

“The whole notion that the Son of God came in the flesh to the roaring,Jostling… joking, quarreling, fighting, guzzling, intriguing, lobbying, worldly,polemical, political, sophisticated, brutal, Latinized, Hellenized, confused, complicated,

careless civilization of first-century Jewry is utterly dissipated and lost.

Christ wasn’t born into history—He was born into the Bible (Authorized Version)—aplace where nobody makes love, or gets drunk, or cracks vulgar jokes, or talksslang, or cheats, or despises his neighbors, but only a few selected puppets makeritual gestures symbolical of the sins of humanity. No wonder the story makes solittle impression on the common man. It seems to have taken place in a world quitedifferent from our own—a world full of reverent people waiting about in polite attitudesfor the fulfillment of prophecies.“Forgive this outburst. Story-telling is my profession, and even if I believed nothing,it would offend me to the soul to see that tremendous story so marred and emasculated in the handling.”



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