Thought for the day (Crick style)

Posted: June 27, 2007 in Theo/Philo



Dr Francis Crick:

‘Nonetheless, you must realise that much of the political thinking of this country (the United States) is very difficult to justify biologically. It was valid to say, in the period of the American revolution, when people were oppressed by priests and kings, that all men were created equal. But it doesn’t have biological validity. It may have some mystical validity in a religious context, but when you ask what you mean by all people being created equal its not the same as saying that they should all have equal opportunity. Its not only biologically not true,its also biologically undesirable.

If you had a population in which everybody was the same, any biologists would say that it was a bad situation,that it was too homogeneous.

You must have variety in biological situations. Yet, this is not the sort of thing that is regarded as particularly tactful to say. But sooner or later people have got to be saying these things.

We all know, I think, or are beginning to realise, that the future is in our own hands, that we can , to some extent, do what we want.’

Council of Europe are you listening?

(see here)

HT:Uncommon Descent


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