Quarter pounder with Cheese please

Posted: September 27, 2007 in Uncategorized


Stepping off of the plane at Owen Roberts International airport into the heat and humidity of  Grand Cayman in the British west Indies at night; my first impression as I walked down the steps to the tarmac, was the mixed aroma of pine trees and the sea, another  vividly memory to  treasure.

Many thousands of miles from home and the next place I found myself was as familiar as the face I see staring back in the mirror, I was at a KFC!Same food (except for the Zinger) same décor, same tastes and all run  at the same speed as Home.

Perhaps increased mobility and pace of change has produced a subconscious need for familiarity and consistency, KFC, BK and Pizza Hut et al are there to oblige.

Consistency comes at a  price, the loss in some small way of a distinctive place and culture.At the  extremes something has to give, either everything is the same no matter where you are when you step off of the plane, or there is a culture shock and all is different and new.

Today I was informed of an  example of the need for bland sameness, prefering global  rather than a national  identity; the 2012 Olympics are being held in blighty. Some one has decided to ban any overt distinctiveness, it may well offend! I am at a loss as to why distinctiveness is offensive while sameness is not?

The red arrows, the famous RAF aerobatic team, are not allow to perform at the Olympics-the reason  is they are  too British! No that’s not a typo it’s genuine, they are too British!The red arrows are too British to fly in the olympics!!!

History apparently repeats itself, although I cannot recall being too British in Britain as being thought of as a undesirable characteristic?Only in our global culture have we  developed an undeserved poor opinion of ourselves.

Your allowed to be British but there’s a threshold above and below which you are (I assume) either not British enough or too British!?!If you’re born in the UK please consider signing this online petition, here.If you’re not born in the UK please consider the madness that goes on here and point at us and laugh, I would if I were you.  


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