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I recently watched Richard Dawkins on a Sunday morning BBC program expounding the awesome wonder of the world science has uncovered and how meaningful a life without pretensions to an existing  Deity can be.

This is not an unfamiliar comment from an atheist-but I cannot get my little head around it no matter how many words are spilt , there remains to me a few questions that have yet to be answered:

1.Why do atheists evangelise ?

If the chief final end of man is to spend countless eons in  a cold,empty, ever expanding  ‘nobody at home’  universe -what does it matter what a person believes, as long as they are happy for the few  short years that they are alive  -who cares about whats right, whats wrong, whats true whats false ? In the final analysis how will atheists promoting atheism change the end result of man one iota ?

If what we do has no effect on the fianl outcome -why does really matter what we do in the now ?

Why should atheist care ? Why should we be seeing the rise of nu-atheism, a more virulent aggressive  form of the old atheism, which  has spawned a whole section on its own in my local bookshop! Its a great money spinner -but is that the only motive for spreading the word, the ‘good’ news of Gods death ?

2.What has a sense of wonder to do with anything ?

Dawkins said:

I have a very positive, I’d almost say poetic, vision of the universe from a scientific point of view. I feel people are missing something if they content themselves with what I think of as an outdated, medieval view of the world, when they could be latching on to something much more exciting.’

I’d like to know whats scientific about a poetic view of the universe,sounds subjective to me and  not the stuff of  science  at all ? What does it matter if you have feelings of a poetic nature -there just neurons and neural networks firing -so what ? Why should that be valued more highly such that it deserves mention more  that the fact that my neck itches (different neurons firing) for example?

All this sense of awe atheists are feeling …so what ? It doesnt change the end result -with nothing that went before having any impact on the final outcome…so be good  or be bad it really makes no difference -as it doesn’t impact the final final outcome for you and me of death.

Athesits talk about family and friends adding to the meaning of life-but why?

What does it matter in the end ?It doesnt matter at all.

I read this on a forum recently:

Pascal :

“We run heedlessly into the abyss after putting something in front of us to stop us seeing it.”


Phillipm (whom I couldn’t contact-sorry Philipm) wrote this :

‘Whenever atheists address the claim that without God life is meaningless, I feel like they really stop thinking about it in an objective mindset. The point is about our ultimate meaning, which is a category in everyone’s minds I think. It is not a point about your life from point A to point B, but rather is a thought about humanity’s place in the universe.’

I agree its the ultimate final outcome thats important.Within Christianity there is the notion that what is done now has eternal consequences this has the effect of making every moment charged with import and precious.