Why I ought ?

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

John Lennox and Richard Dawkins on morality

JB: When you make a value judgement don’t you immediately step yourself outside of this evolutionary process and say that the reason this is good is that it’s good. And you don’t have any way to stand on that statement.

RD: My value judgement itself could come from my evolutionary past.

JB: So therefore it’s just as random in a sense as any product of evolution.

RD: You could say that, it doesn’t in any case, nothing about it makes it more probable that there is anything supernatural.

JB: Ultimately, your belief that rape is wrong is as arbitrary as the fact that we’ve evolved five fingers rather than six.

RD: You could say that, yeah.

  1. Hello again, Mike. Long time no blog.

    Can you please provide a source for this interview?

    You say that it is a debate with John Lennox, but then you script states Dawkins’ opponent as “JB”.

    Yet text reads very similar to Dawkins gave to Premier’s Justin Brierley a few years ago at the Lennox a brief interview debate in Oxford.

    There, I’m pretty sure Dawkins refused to answer Brierley’s question about whether a simple evolutionary accident prevented rape from being wrong.

    • Mike Godfrey says:

      Hi MSP-yep thats the one Justin Brierley’ s conversation-im fairly sure i wrote it down as I heard it -it was a while ago though .
      Either way- I think morality from a naturalistic point of view, has at bottom the chance outcome of ‘selection’ of random mutations as its basis .

  2. Listen to it again. I’m pretty sure Dawkins refuses to answer the question.

  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was at Glastonbury last week and I don’t seem to be getting email notifications from Facebook and WordPress etc.

    Refuting Craig’s 5 “arguments” is off-topic for this thread, but I usually recommend his debates against Vic Stenger on God’s existence and Bart Ehrman on the resurrection for examples of where Craig has his backside well and truly handed to him on a plate.

    Stenger’s put-down about Craig taking polls of scholars at Bob Jones University during the Q & A would get a thumbs up from Boswell!

    Given Craig’s track record of being less than honest, I do not believe him for one second when he says that he has played no part in the attempts to have Dawkins debate him.

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