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I recently managed to get a Panasonic Lumiz TZ7 camera -which has HD movie capability.So as a stroke of genius or madness I present to the world my  2 year old Labradore Sam, all 40kg’s of Him,  using the TZ7 -(it is slightly over exposed something I have now remedied)


It’s his fault!

Posted: September 1, 2007 in Family Stuff, Uncategorized

I have found it more difficult of late to update God3’s Blog -and I’m going to blame it on our new 8 month old dog Sam.Currently he has chewed a broken glass bottle (fortunately no cuts) eaten my New Zealand Palm and several other plants including 3 cacti plus there pots.


Sierra Espuna

Posted: August 29, 2006 in Family Stuff

Here’s a picture of… what was a monastery before Franco got a hold of it and changed into a restaurantThis is situated near Totana and Sierra Espuna well worth a visit.

A beautiful area ,very peaceful.The courtyard (from where this picture was taken ) had white doves wandering all over-they also serve great coffee,not the doves,but the lady at the restaurant.


watching you watching me!

Posted: August 26, 2006 in Family Stuff

Hi Im back from beautiful Espania,Murcia (pronounced Moofia) was wonderful.

I am in  mourning for Spain,as I sit under the cloudy skies of Blighty.

While in Spain we went to Murcia Cathedral -I have often visited the web cam to look green eyed at the square and while there we spotted the web cam :


Its my Birthday!Its my Bithday!

Posted: August 10, 2006 in Family Stuff

Im off to Spain for 2 weeks and its my Birthday! “Woot” and again I say “Woot”.

Here’s a picture of me when I didn’t care about my hairstyle. Thanks Mum for going through that pain -it was worth it wasn’t it?


Catch everybody in 2 weeks.

Joels Muddle Earth Man

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Family Stuff

This is number 3 son’s interpretation of a Chris Ridell drawing from the Edge Chronicles-for an 8 year I think its good.


Me & Dad

Posted: June 26, 2006 in Family Stuff

I love this picture,im posting it just because… I can.