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Why I ought ?

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John Lennox and Richard Dawkins on morality

JB: When you make a value judgement don’t you immediately step yourself outside of this evolutionary process and say that the reason this is good is that it’s good. And you don’t have any way to stand on that statement.

RD: My value judgement itself could come from my evolutionary past.

JB: So therefore it’s just as random in a sense as any product of evolution.

RD: You could say that, it doesn’t in any case, nothing about it makes it more probable that there is anything supernatural.

JB: Ultimately, your belief that rape is wrong is as arbitrary as the fact that we’ve evolved five fingers rather than six.

RD: You could say that, yeah.


Berlinski quote of the Month

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Not unrelated to the film ‘Expelled -no intelligence allowed’-I submit for your thoughts and comments:

‘Dawkins is prepared to acknowledge the facts while denying their significance. Neither the Nazis nor the Communists, he affirms, acted because of their atheism. They were simply keen to kill a great many people. Atheism had nothing to do with it. They might well have been Christian Scientists.

In the early days of the German advance into Eastern Europe, before the possibility of Soviet retribution even entered their untroubled imagination, Nazi extermination squads would sweep into villages, and after forcing the villagers to dig their own graves, murder their victims with machine guns. On one such occasion somewhere in eastern Europe , an SS officer watched languidly, his machine gun cradled, as an elderly and bearded Hasidic Jew laboriously dug what he knew to be his grave.

Standing up straight, he addressed his executioner. “God is watching what you are doing,” he said.

And then he was shot dead.

What Hitler did not believe and what Stalin did not believe and what Mao did not believe and what the SS did not believe and what the Gestapo did not believe and what the NKVD did not believe and what the commissars, functionaries, swaggering executioners, Nazi doctors, Communist Party theoreticians, intellectuals,Brown shirts, Black shirts,gauleiters, and a thousand party hacks did not believe was that God was watching what they were doing.

And as far as we can tell, very few of those carrying out the horrors of the twentieth century worried overmuch that God was watching what they were doing either.

That is, after all, the meaning of a secular society.”

(taken from David Berlinski’s book ‘The Devils delusion Atheism and its scientific pretensions’)

More Bono and Bill

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Bono & Bill

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As a long time fan of U2 -I narrowly missed seeing them on there October tour heres an excelent interview with Willow Creek Pastor Bill Hybels


John Angus Campbell on the a priori assumptions  of Charles Darwin :

What is most revolutionary about Darwin’s Origin is not simply his case for natural selection… or his case for evolution itself. The other, and equally important, revolution going on within his argument for species change is his case for naturalism, which slides insensibly between an innocent methodological precept and a prior metaphysical commitment… The first step in Darwin’s case for metaphysical naturalism… was taken in his flyleaf citations, all of which identified the ordinary mode of divine activity with natural laws. Implicitly and in chapter 2 explicitly, Darwin was laying the foundations for a revolutionary philosophy of science… when Darwin was having a difficult time with an explanation or when he was particularly keen on the reader’s realizing the consequences of a refusal to accept an explanation, he would sometimes draw on the reader’s partial commitment to naturalism to negotiate yet further commitments. At some points Darwin would simply equate naturalistic explanations – evolutionary case histories with the blanks filled in by an ‘it must have been’ story-line – with reality itself.

Leaning on  presuppositions when the data isn’t there is natural to us all, we fill in the gaps-this though is not what science is concerned with ; Science wants objective data,wants  calculated  probability and to narrow the gaps empirically.

Of  course there must be a naturalistic explanation  to the origin of  life; to the increase in information within biological systems across the phyla; to the origin of a code, a system to translate and transcribe that code and keep the fidelity of that code high, The origin of a  means of replicating that code and the origin of a system of controlling expression of that code.

Recently on tv I heard some die hard evolutionists defend themselves against the claim that they were arrogant-they said ‘we are arrogant because we are right!’ Being right  for them means an exclusively closed universe -with no possibility of a supernatural agent.

They presume there metanarative is correct because for them its the only game in town -nothing else is there,the same unproven presumption Campbell says Darwins gradually introduced into his theory.

Merry Christmas -don’t be Blue

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over the rhine featuring the angelically powerful voice of Karin Bergquist -words fail.